Official Bitcoin Suisse Social Media Channels

Bitcoin Suisse maintains an active presence on social media in order to connect with our clients, the crypto community and the world at large.

Due to our strong brand and many years in the industry, Bitcoin Suisse is sometimes the target of impersonators which attempt to deceive people with fraudulent investment offers. We take such attempts very seriously and pursue all who make such attempts in violation of the law.

We urge everyone to take extra caution when receiving messages or emails from those who claim to be from Bitcoin Suisse. Please verify that such messages are from official Bitcoin Suisse channels (see below).

Neither our executives nor anyone else at Bitcoin Suisse will ever approach clients with sales over social media accounts, nor present “get rich quick” schemes or requests for money or “investment.”

Emails from Bitcoin Suisse employees and executives always originate from the domain:

Below are the official channels of Bitcoin Suisse and its subsidiaries – as well as our Chairman Luzius Meisser, CEO Dr. Dirk Klee and Founder/Honorary Chairman Niklas Nikolajsen.

If you receive a message from a different profile claiming to be Bitcoin Suisse or some from our company, please contact us immediately.

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Bitcoin Suisse Management Profiles

Chairman Luzius Meisser

Bitcoin Suisse Management Profiles

CEO Dr. Dirk Klee

Bitcoin Suisse Management Profiles

Founder & Former Chairman Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof