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Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse is the Swiss crypto-native pioneer and trusted gateway to crypto asset investing, offering institutional-grade crypto services at the forefront of technical innovation.

Investing in Crypto

Why Invest In Crypto Assets?

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets are part of a new, decentralized financial world, built to bring hope and opportunities to people everywhere. Investing in crypto assets means believing in the power of technology to improve the world – as it transitions to a more efficient and equitable future.

Our Outlook 2023

Limited Counter-Party Risk

As a member of the self-regulatory organization Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), Bitcoin Suisse is a financial intermediary and subject to Swiss AML/CFT regulations. We act as Swiss-based single gateway to the most liquid exchanges worldwide. Trade worry-free while we maintain the close relation with various exchanges and OTC desks for you.

Deep Liquidity for Large Trades
Single gateway to all major crypto exchanges

We trade for you through the most liquid exchanges worldwide. We take over the risk of dealing with exchanges for you, so you can trade worry-free.

Secure Cold-Storage of Assets
Your assets’ safety is guaranteed

Bitcoin Suisse provides institutional-grade, ISAE 3402 audited custody for crypto assets in the time- and penetration-tested Bitcoin Suisse Vault.

Swiss Bank Guarantee
Full bankruptcy protection

Bitcoin Suisse holds the vast majority of client assets in segregated accounts such that they would not be affected in the event of a potential default of Bitcoin Suisse. All fiat and crypto assets that would be considered public deposits under Swiss banking laws are protected by a bank guarantee from an AA-rated Swiss bank as per art. 5 para. 3 let. f Banking Ordinance.

Trusted and Secure – Made in Switzerland​
Adhering to highest compliance standards

As a member of the self-regulatory organization Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), Bitcoin Suisse is a financial intermediary and subject to Swiss AML/CFT regulations. Assets that are stored in the Bitcoin Suisse Vault are held in cold storage on separated blockchain addresses and controlled directly by the owner.

Best Execution Through Smart Order Routing

Get the best possible execution for your trades across the most popular crypto exchanges

Best execution price

Deep liquidity


Reduced risk exposure

Detailed trade execution report

Custody at Bitcoin Suisse

Client assets are generally stored on separated addresses in cold storage. Separated Custody provides the best safety for our clients in case of bankruptcy of Bitcoin Suisse, as the assets are already separated and will not form part of the bankruptcy estate.

Clients with a Bitcoin Suisse Vault Account have permanently assigned blockchain addresses and are in control of moving their assets to secure cold storage in their Vault account or back to the Crypto Account for trading.

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By the Numbers

Key Figures from Bitcoin Suisse

*as of May 2022

CHF 3+ billion*

Assets under Custody

CHF 100+ Million

Bitcoin Suisse equity capital

200+ Employees

in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Denmark


Founding of Bitcoin Suisse AG

Expert Insights

Our Research

In-depth research on topics and trends from all around the crypto world

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"Since our foundation in 2013, our top priority has been to be the trusted partner for our clients to access and receive guidance on digital assets. With a strong focus on quality, security, cutting-edge technology, and excellent client service we aim to be your authority on crypto.”

Dr. Dirk Klee

Chief Executive Officer

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“As one of the oldest and most trusted crypto companies in the world, we’ve been building throughout the many market cycles over the past decade. For our clients, we are the trusted Swiss gateway to crypto. What guides us are not the short-term opportunities, but our desire to create a world where decentralized finance has a net positive impact on consumers, economy, and society.”

Luzius Meisser


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Our Service Offering

Products And Services

Bitcoin Suisse offers a range of crypto-financial services for investors. We maintain the highest quality, stability and security with best-in-class digital services for a premium client experience.

Best Execution Trading

Our 24/7 online trading platform provides easy and direct access to a wide range of crypto asset trading pairs and our best execution service helps ensure that clients get the best combination of price, liquidity and execution for trades. 

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Audited Cold-Storage Custody

Our secure, institutional-grade custody in the Bitcoin Suisse Vault offers clients a customizable solution for custody and control of crypto asset holdings with the possibility for staking. Developed in 2018, the Vault has been audited by Zühlke Engineering, Grant Thornton and PwC with ISAE-3402 audit reports. 

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All-In-One Staking

Bitcoin Suisse offers an all-in-one service for staking of all major proof-of-stake crypto assets with premium support, attractive reward rates and no technical setup needed.

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In-House Expertise

Our Research Department and experienced crypto professionals help support clients when entering the world of crypto asset investments.

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Innovating since 2013

With deep roots in the crypto ecosystem dating back to 2013 and before, Bitcoin Suisse is a leader in innovation for crypto-financial services. Our clients benefit from cutting-edge new products and services built to take advantage of the latest trends - built on the rock-solid experience of 250+ employees and technical experts at Bitcoin Suisse.


Premium Client Service

As the trusted, Swiss gateway into crypto asset investment, Bitcoin Suisse provides full-service support. Our team of experienced relationship managers are available for clients 7 days a week to assist with all client needs for trading, custody, lending, staking and more.

B2b services for financial institutions

The Swiss Technology Partner For Crypto Market Access

Bitcoin Suisse serves as a technology partner for financial institutions offering trusted access to crypto asset investing to their clients. API connections and customized setup are available for banks, family offices and external asset managers (EAMs).

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Pioneering Crypto-Financial Services Since 2013

With a long history of pioneering services in the crypto asset industry, Bitcoin Suisse provides clients with unique access to the latest innovations, combined with stable infrastructure supported by a strong team of crypto experts.

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