• Proven company, team and business model - with a long-standing track record.
  • Strong capital base, solid revenues and excellent position in the market.
  • A history of innovation and the ability to adapt in a changing market landscape.
  • Currently undergoing licensing to become a Swiss bank & planning for cross-border licensing and expansion abroad.
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Bitcoin Suisse benefits from a strong and stable shareholder base with a long term view to business. Close involvement and alignment of shareholders, board, management and the entire team and investments in new services and products years ahead of their release ensure that we can create value for clients and sustainable growth.

Our aim is to continue to be a leading key player in the crypto-financial marketplace, to continue providing excellent services and products in this field and to bridge the world of traditional finance with that of crypto-finance.


Private Sale / Capital Raise (Series A) : April – Mid-June 2020

  • Sale of (up to) 20% of shares on a group level (BTCS Holding AG)
  • The sale starts at a pre-money valuation of CHF 275m.
  • Shares are with full voting and dividend rights.
  • The shares for sale are 10% treasury shares (owned by the company since 2017/2018) and 10% newly issued shares.
  • In the 1st round, the so-called “Friends and Family” round is by invitation only.
  • In the 2nd round, interested qualified, accredited, and professional investors in general can participate.
  • Oversubscription during the 2nd round for qualified, accredited, and professional investors may result in an auction.

Download ‘BTCS Series A – Investor Deck’

Email– Series A: invest@bitcoinsuisse.com
Phone– Series A: +41 79 446 58 32 (Rolf Gätzi, CFO)


Corporate Factsheet

  • Company history with testimonials and collaboration partner references
  • Company facts and figures on one page
  • Product & service offering at a glance

Download ‘BTCS Corporate Factsheet’




Next Annual General Meeting (June 2020 – Invitations to be sent in May 2020)

  • Annual report
  • Discharge of the Board / Election of the Board
  • Status on capital raise
  • Four consecutive years of profitable growth
  • Status – Bank license application
  • Dividends