Mauro Casellini joins BTCS_2
Zug, 8 April 2019

Personnel changes at major companies in the crypto-financial services sector. Experienced head of blockchain banking at Bank Frick, Mauro Casellini, will be joining Bitcoin Suisse as of 1 July. He will be overseeing the expansion of the local subsidiary of Bitcoin Suisse as its new CEO. Balzers (LI), Zug (CH) – Bank Frick and Bitcoin Suisse were among the first players to enter Europe’s crypto-financial services and blockchain banking sector. In recent years, Mauro Casellini has successfully implemented a corporate strategy in the field of blockchain banking at Bank Frick, and also established the Blockchain and Payment Service Provider department, which is now 15 people strong. “Mauro Casellini has made substantial progress in setting up and developing our blockchain banking service, and we are very grateful to him for that. We are delighted that he is now moving to a company with which we already enjoy close ties – and we believe that he will continue to advance the crypto-financial services industry in the interests of all serious market participants,” says Edi Wögerer, CEO of Bank Frick. Edi Wögerer also emphasized the close existing collaboration between Bitcoin Suisse and Bank Frick. Bitcoin Suisse is an important crypto broker for Bank Frick, while Bitcoin Suisse uses services provided by Bank Frick. The two companies also share many of the same clients. “There are already some upcoming joint projects in the pipeline, and we will be able to present additional innovative solutions shortly,” adds Bitcoin Suisse CEO Dr Arthur Vayloyan. “It is a marvellous boon for us to be able to welcome Mauro Casellini, who has built up the crypto and blockchain business at Bank Frick, as of 1 July.” With this move towards the Liechtenstein market, Bitcoin Suisse continues on its expansive trajectory, with the aim of serving further customer segments and markets across Europe. For Mauro Casellini, leaving Bank Frick is bittersweet. “I was given the opportunity to introduce and expand blockchain banking at the Bank. Now I have been given another wonderful opportunity, which I will also relish,” says Casellini. In addition to his role as CEO of the Liechtenstein subsidiary of Bitcoin Suisse, Casellini will also play a key role within the company’s newly established ISP department (Institutional Services and Products), where he will develop blockchain services for institutional clients more generally. “Under Mauro’s leadership, Bitcoin Suisse (Liechtenstein) AG is set to become an exciting new player on the market. We see excellent potential for interesting joint projects in which both companies will be able to contribute their respective strengths,” concludes Edi Wögerer.

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