Bitcoin Suisse Staking Product reached CHF 2 billion

Oct 1, 2021 - 2 min read

Zug; October 1, 2021Bitcoin Suisse achieved another milestone with its all-in-one custodial staking service. Staked crypto assets of Bitcoin Suisse clients have reached a total of CHF 2 billion in the seven stakeable currencies that are currently supported.

This continued demand in staking with Bitcoin Suisse points towards the high security of the offering, relying on the crypto technology expertise of the Swiss regulated crypto pioneer. The company is pursuing its strategy to further develop its staking product, continuing to enhance the fully audited institutional grade Bitcoin Suisse Vault that enables staking operations for most stakeable tokens.

Bitcoin Suisse anticipated the trend to staking as an early mover and has become the third largest custodial staking service provider worldwide[1]. Headquartered in Zug, it is contributing to the development of the Crypto Valley, where also the foundations of the leading staking currencies by market capitalization are located, such as the Web 3.0 Technologies Stiftung (Polkadot and Kusama), Cardano Foundation, Tezos Foundation, Ethereum Foundation and Solana Foundation.

Fabian Hediger, Co-Founder and Head Innovation at Bitcoin Suisse, says “We are happy to see that Switzerland is increasingly establishing itself as an important cluster for the development of proof-of-stake protocols that focus on energy efficiency and scalability. For our clients, the diverse range of our staking offering currently includes most major proof-of-stake blockchains and provides an alternative opportunity to earn rewards.”

The Bitcoin Suisse staking product offers a current average staking reward of between 5 and 22%[2], depending on the protocol. More information about Bitcoin Suisse’s staking service is available here.


[2] as of 01 October 2021

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