Bitcoin Suisse Offers Dash Staking Service

Jan 7, 2020

As the leading crypto-financial services company in Switzerland, Bitcoin Suisse is constantly adding new and innovative services to its client offering. This includes assisting clients who wish to stake their crypto holdings with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains.

Now in addition to Tezos and Ethereum 2 services, Bitcoin Suisse is proud to announce its service for staking with Dash masternodes – the part of the Dash network that employs PoS and helps support advanced services and governance on the network. As with other blockchain networks which employ PoS, Bitcoin Suisse makes it easy to commit even small crypto holdings and earn rewards without operating and maintaining validator or masternode infrastructure. There is no minimum amount of Dash required to use Bitcoin Suisse’s Dash staking service.

The Dash blockchain uses a dual layer of technology for its consensus mechanism, with both proof-of-work mining and masternodes being employed. There are currently approximately 5 000 Dash masternodes in operation.

Normally, masternode operators would need to hold at least 1 000 DASH in order to stake. With Bitcoin Suisse’s all-in-one staking services, clients can stake any amount of Dash and earn rewards directly into their online account.

Similar to Ethereum 2 and Tezos, Dash tokens which are staked are not available for trading. However, for clients who wish to both stake and maintain a constant stream of liquidity, Bitcoin Suisse offers collateralized loans against crypto holdings.

Getting Started Staking Dash with Bitcoin Suisse

It is easy to get started staking Dash with Bitcoin Suisse.

1. Onboard as a client of Bitcoin Suisse (if you aren’t already).

2. Contact an account manager or indicate during the onboarding process that you would like to stake Dash.

3. Confirm by signing the staking contract.

4. Ensure that you hold Dash in your Bitcoin Suisse Online account. (It’s easy to purchase through Bitcoin Suisse Online if you haven’t.)

5. Start staking!

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