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Zug; February 23, 2021 – Continuing with the stepwise increase of its depositor bank guarantee, Bitcoin Suisse reacts to ever-growing client demand, raising the bank guarantee from CHF 80m in January to now CHF 110m.

Recent developments within the crypto space, such as accelerated institutional adoption, major blockchain developments and multiple all-time-highs of Bitcoin and other crypto assets have contributed to a further significant surge in client activity for Bitcoin Suisse.

As volumes and demand continue to grow in Q1 2021, Bitcoin Suisse was able to increase its default bank guarantee from an AA-rated Swiss bank by another CHF 30m to now CHF 110m. This guarantee maintained by Bitcoin Suisse protects and covers public on-balance sheet deposits 100% and supports its rapidly growing client business.

Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, states: “With this additional increase, we have reached an impressive size of our bank guarantee, demonstrating our competitive position – which is stronger than ever – and responding to another sharp rise in demand for our broad range of services and products. Given this time of heightened interest in all things crypto, the security of our clients assets continues to be one of our top priorities.”

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