Bitcoin Suisse Announces ‘Series A’ Capital Raise

May 8, 2020


Zug, Switzerland; 8 May 2020 – Bitcoin Suisse, the market leading Swiss crypto financial services and technology provider, is pleased to announce its Series A and first-ever capital raise.

A total of 20% of shares in BTCS Holding AG, the holding company owning and controlling all Bitcoin Suisse subsidiaries, with full voting and dividend rights, are offered for sale at a CHF 275m pre-money valuation, to qualified, accredited and professional investors. The funds raised will bolster the company’s current equity capital of CHF 54m, further accelerating the potential for profitable growth of the company and its cross-border licensing efforts. In the Series A, “friends & family” subscribed and committed around CHF 20m to date.

Series A subscription will continue from May 11th until mid-June 2020 and is open for participation from qualified, accredited, and professional investors, with a CHF 250’000 minimum participation.

Bitcoin Suisse is also proud to announce that the renowned Swiss banker Roger Studer and the Studer Family Office will act as lead investor and opened the Series A “friends & family” phase, which started in April 2020.

Roger Studer of the Studer Family Office, states: “Bitcoin Suisse has a high-quality offer, based on a proven and solid business with state-of-the-art technology, and stands as a market leader in the Swiss crypto-financial space, poised to grow rapidly. For these reasons, the Studer Family Office is most excited and pleased to take part in the Series A offering”.

The CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, Dr. Arthur Vayloyan says: “As Bitcoin Suisse transitions into becoming a Swiss bank, company equity solidly above CHF 100m will provide a strong and profitable balance sheet. The Series A round opens the way to greatly accelerate and grow the business volume of Bitcoin Suisse, as well as its profitability. It is the right move for the company, and it is an excellent opportunity for investors to join an extraordinary journey”.

The Founder and President of the Board, Niklas Nikolajsen, sets forth: “Bitcoin Suisse is my life’s work, and this Series A constitute our first-ever capital raise. With the CHF 54m of company capital gathered through many years of retained earnings, we have come a long way. But looking forward, we could face limitations as to the speed of our growth, as we see great demand for collateralized loans, liquidity provision – and an ever increasing need to secure our on-balance client deposits through Swiss bank guarantees. With the Series A and the capital raised, we will be able to continue our exponential growth, as well as expand with cross border licenses.”

The Bitcoin Suisse Series A is expected to be finalized mid-June 2020.

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