Do You Want to Accept Cryptocurrencies? Do It with the Swiss Market Leader.

With Bitcoin Suisse Pay you choose a reputable, Swiss-regulated partner with years of experience in cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Suisse Pay


Accept Bitcoin and Ether

Available Cryptocurrencies

We currently support payments in cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH)

Payouts in CHF, EUR, USD

Available Fiat Currencies

We currently support payouts in CHF, EUR, USD

Daily Payouts

No Waiting Time

You receive the payouts in fiat money T+1 directly to your bank account

Coming Soon: Keep Crypto

Alternative Conversion Path

With “Keep Crypto” you have the option to keep the cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin Suisse Pay Advantages

Easy Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Suisse Pay enables you to easily accept payments in cryptocurrencies at your Point of Sale, Webshop or via Invoice.

No Volatility Risk

The exchange rate risk is completely taken over by Bitcoin Suisse Pay by reflecting the current exchange rate in the QR code generated for the payment.

Payouts in Fiat Money

You receive the payout in the selected fiat currency directly to your bank account

Personalized Solution

The chosen Bitcoin Suisse Pay solution can be personalized with your logo, creating a final touchpoint for your end customers.

Merchant Hub

Everything at a Glance

Merchant Hub is the merchant portal of Bitcoin Suisse Pay which offers an overview of all crypto transactions. Using the filter functions you can easily access the desired information such as the amount of a transaction, date and time as well as the status of the payout.

Bitcoin Lightning

Join Us In Becoming a Pioneer

Bitcoin Suisse is the first Swiss crypto financial service provider to implement Bitcoin Lightning for payment processing, taking another step towards the mainstream establishment of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Suisse Pay

How do merchants use Lightning?

Lightning is automatically included in all Bitcoin Suisse Pay products - Point of Sale, eCommerce and Invoice. A Bitcoin Lightning transaction works analogously to a Bitcoin transaction.

Step 1

Enter sales price in fiat currency

Step 2

Select Bitcoin Lightning

Step 3

Exchange rate will be fixed automatically

Step 4

Generated QR code to be scanned by customer with any Lightning wallet

Step 5

Receive payout in desired fiat currency


Frequently Asked Questions

For which applications can merchants use Bitcoin Suisse Pay?

Bitcoin Suisse Pay is available for payments at the point of sale, in eCommerce and for creating invoices. Due to our partnership with Worldline, Worldline clients can accept cryptocurrencies with the payment solution “WL Crypto Payments” at the point of sale or in eCommerce via Saferpay.

How is it ensured that there is no loss of value for the merchant due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies?

Merchants are not exposed to any exchange rate risk of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Suisse AG takes over the exchange rate risk and transfers the amount settled in cryptocurrency to merchants in CHF, EUR or USD to a bank account in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

How do merchants get their money?

Bitcoin Suisse AG will pay out the collected amounts in Swiss Francs or another currency at regular intervals (e.g. on a weekly basis) to the bank account specified by the merchant.

Who are the partners of Bitcoin Suisse Pay?

To enable flawless and secure payment with cryptocurrencies in stores and online stores, we rely on a partnership with Worldline Six Payment Services, the experienced and largest acquirer in Switzerland. The collaboration is based on Worldline's Switzerland-wide payment infrastructure, as well as Bitcoin Suisse's expertise and experience in cryptocurrencies.

Inapay is a point-of-sale app that makes it very easy to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Translated with (free version)

What is Bitcoin Lightning?

Lightning is a "second layer" protocol built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Lightning enables transactions to be processed quickly and economically efficiently, contributing to Bitcoin's scalability.

Why is Lightning so important for crypto payments?

Bitcoin transactions are verified by miners. As Bitcoin grows in popularity, the sheer number of transactions on the network can barely be handled. Conceptually, only a limited number of transactions can be integrated into each Bitcoin block, resulting in unprocessed transactions being queued. This leads to delays in the execution of transactions and can drive up fees that miners receive for verification.
For these reasons, critical voices have claimed that Bitcoin has no future as a payment method. Lightning brings the necessary benefits of faster and more cost-effective processing by offloading the Bitcoin blockchain.
Payments via the Lightning protocol are extremely fast and cost beneficial. Thus, even smaller amounts can be settled optimally, which leads to Bitcoins being increasingly used in everyday life, establishing more and more as a means of payment.

More Information

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