Crypto Outlook 2021

In-depth insights and analysis from all around the crypto world

What can we expect in 2021? Is the perfect storm brewing for cryptocurrencies? Read the Outlook 2021 Report from Bitcoin Suisse Research!

What's Inside?

Seven in-depth articles covering a wide range of key topics for 2021

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  • 5 Megatrends for 2021

    The most important things to look out for in 2021, from stablecoins to DeFi, from institutions to interoperability- by Dr. Raffael Huber, Head of Research at Bitcoin Suisse

  • Macroeconomics in Covid and After: The Perfect Storm for Cryptocurrencies

    A closer look at the most current state of economic affairs and what it can mean for crypto - by Giles Keating, Bitcoin Suisse Board Member and former Global Chief Economist at Credit Suisse Investment Banking

  • Interoperability: Where are We Now and What Can We Expect for 2021?

    An overview of the blockchain interoperability, its current state and opportunities - by Fatemeh Shirazi, interim CTO at the Web3 Foundation

  • Interview with Rune Christensen

    Insights and perspectives from Rune Christensen, founder of MakerDAO, one of the foremost DeFi protocols - interviewed by Dr. Raffael Huber, Head of Research at Bitcoin Suisse.

  • The Rise of DeFi: Regulatory Thoughts

    Unique thoughts on the treatment of decentralized finance in the constantly evolving regulatory world - by Lars Hodel, Head Legal and Compliance at Bitcoin Suisse and Thiemo Pirani.

  • Interview with Roger Studer

    Institutional adoption and increased interest from banks and asset managers, with perspectives from Roger Studer, former Head of Investment Banking at Vontobel - interviewed by Ian Simpson.

  • Neo Blockchain: What's Next?

    An update on the development and outlook for the Neo blockchain and its ecosystem - by Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Müller

    5th February, 2021

    5 Megatrends for 2021

    What can we expect for the crypto world in 2021? Dr. Raffael Huber of Bitcoin Suisse Research explores the 5 Megatrends to look out for this year.
    9th February, 2021

    Interview with Rune Christensen from Maker

    Rune Christensen, Founder of MakerDAO, in conversation with Dr. Raffael Huber from Bitcoin Suisse Research.
    11th February, 2021

    Macroeconomics in Covid and after

    The Covid crisis has caused great macro-economic upheaval: This article is structured to consider in turn how each of the main macro and sectoral effects of Covid interacts with cryptocurrencies, at the end drawing the different areas together into a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.
    15th February, 2021

    The Rise of DeFi: Regulatory Thoughts

    Financial market supervision and regulation is never finalized as the world is changing constantly. The regulatory coverage of DeFi is one of those topics that necessarily will evolve with the ever-changing DeFi space.
    22nd February, 2021

    Interview with Roger Studer

    An interview with Bitcoin Suisse Director and lead investor Roger Studer, in conversation with Ian Simpson.
    25th February, 2021

    Neo Blockchain: What’s Next?

    Neo is an open-source and decentralized platform that was released in 2014 with the initial name of “Antshares”. Neo's MainNet was released in 2016 and has since received continuous enhancements to its platform. This article looks back on the 4 years since the Neo2 MainNet launch and gives a future perspective by looking at Neo3's recent developments.
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