Decrypt Season 2021

In-depth insights on the latest developments in the crypto and blockchain industry in 2021

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From Creating the ‘Creator Economy’ to Useful NFTs

How are non-fungible tokens different to ‘normal’ ones? What can you do with them today and who are the big players in the space? We dissect the chaotic space and give you insights on the structure of the marketplaces and what we expect in terms of useful NFTs in a second wave. Ready Player One?

By Marcus DappDec 21, 2021

Taproot - Sowing the Seeds for Bitcoin DeFi

Taproot, the first soft fork of the bitcoin protocol since Segregate Witness in 2017, aims to extend Bitcoin’s functionality for complex transactions and smart contracts while enhancing privacy and reducing fees. While SegWit’s activation was preceded by a fiery debate, Taproot is a peaceful revolution.

By Marcus DappNov 10, 2021

Layered Money – Bitcoin Ecosystem Innovation beyond Layer-1

In part 1 of our miniseries, we covered on-chain and Layer-1 innovations. In part 2, we explore innovations on top of the Bitcoin base layer. While Layer-2 mainly tackles issues around payments, Layer-3 projects aim to bring “smarter” contract functionality to Bitcoin and Lightning.

By Bitcoin SuisseOct 26, 2021

Compatible Competition - Empowering or Encroaching on Ethereum?

With Ethereum’s high transaction fees, other blockchains have gained traction in recent months, not least due to developer and user incentive programs. This episode of Bitcoin Suisse Decrypt takes a closer look at those chains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

By Bitcoin SuisseOct 12, 2021

Layered Money – Bitcoin Ecosystem Innovation on Layer 1

Amidst the DeFi and NFT hype in the Ethereum space, the depth and breadth of innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystems tends to be overlooked. Let’s open the lid, or shall we say ‘layers’, and have a look. Part 1 of our 2-part miniseries focuses on Layer 1.

By Marcus DappSep 29, 2021

El Salvador – The Emergence of Bitcoin Nations?

By declaring Bitcoin legal tender alongside the US Dollar, El Salvador is breaking new ground for cryptocurrency adoption of remittance-dependent governments.

By Marcus DappSep 14, 2021

A Look at Crypto Sectors

As the number of different tokens grows, it can be helpful to group the various coins into sectors. Which possible classification frameworks exist? How did various sectors perform over the past 30 days, and what did correlations within and across sectors look like?

By Bitcoin SuisseAug 17, 2021

NFTs: Gaming and Digital Art

NFTs as a medium to represent unique, digital items have recently seen renewed interest, with an increase in trade volume, prices and active users or collectors. What is happening in some of the more popular projects?

By Bitcoin SuisseAug 3, 2021

Ethereum’s London Upgrade

In the near future, Ethereum will hard fork and the changes for the London upgrade will be integrated. What exactly will change? And how does this affect the user experience on Ethereum, as well as the total supply of ETH?

By Bitcoin SuisseJul 20, 2021