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Start Date: 14.01.19 Pre-Sale Bonus: 10% Accepted Currencies: ETH Orvium is the first open source and decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications, life cycles and the associated data. Orvium leverages blockchain technologies and decentralized storage to create a fully public, traceable and trustworthy record of the publication process. Our platform embraces big data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to build a smart digital infrastructure to boost scientific production and validation.

The ultimate objective is for Orvium to be the leading publication platform for the research community, while returning the benefits of science to society. Science has a major impact on society. It is the force behind some of the most revolutionary changes in human history, drastically improving the way we live, communicate and work. It even extends the length and enhances the quality of life itself. One of the most important factors to explain the rapid pace of scientific progress is the process of dissemination, where researchers are usually inspired by existing research to generate new ideas and improve upon previously obtained results. Despite its importance, however, knowledge dissemination has been seriously compromised by the current scientific publication industry. The current scientific publishing industry is one of the most lucrative worldwide, with profit margins reported to exceed those of companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple. In contrast to any other publishing industry, scientific publishers have pushed the publication efforts and costs to the content creators: the research community. Moreover, the current publication model has several problems affecting science, including: high publication costs; copyrights held by publishers rather than authors; long, opaque and oftentimes biased publication and peer review process; lack of rewards and recognition for reviewers.


Orvium aims to provide a totally disruptive model based on the following features:
  • Instantaneous proof-of-existence and authorship in the blockchain
  • Manuscripts are available from the moment they are submitted to Orvium.
  • Copyright and licences are owned and transferable by authors
  • Authors retain control over their work and its potential economic benefits.
  • Optimal publication and access costs
  • The prices are not influenced by monopolistic or oligopolistic market structures.
  • Eliminates current predatory practices and conflicts regarding plagiarism, idea ownership and registration.
  • Seamless integration between research data, processes and results
  • Allows access to a new data market where scientists can share research costs and paves the way towards reusing and reinterpreting preserved data analyses.
  • Continuous and transparent peer reviews
  • The research community is empowered to publicly determine the validity and soundness of the research.
  • Public recognition and economic reward for peer reviewers
  • Contrary to the current model, Orvium makes the authors and reviewers the core of the system, giving them the rewards and recognition they deserve.
  • Transparent definition and calculation of quality metrics
  • Orvium takes metrics such as the impact factor and peer review quality to a totally new level of transparency.
  • Fully social platform
  • Orvium aims to be the community-driven reference platform for science publication.
  • Efficient framework to create Decentralized Autonomous Journals (DAJs)
  • Community-driven and governed by smart contracts, DAJs offer an unprecedented framework for reducing maintenance and operational costs, therefore making them viable.
  • Orvium is the vision of top engineers and scientists with many years of experience driving technological innovation for international research collaboration institutions such as CERN – the birthplace of the Web – and NASA, notable universities such as the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), University of Navarre, University of Cantabria and Western Cape, and ICT-leading organizations such as Oracle and Amazon.