Hard Cap

$3 million

ICO Price


Min Contribution


Following a successful token sale in 2017, Melonport AG is left with 500,600 Melon (MLN) tokens to distribute. Rather than distribute these in a traditional manner, Melonport has created a series of sub-contribution periods called Melon Olympiad. This will ensure that tokens are allocated to active community members who engage and use the Melon asset management ecosystem.

The distribution of up to half a million Melon tokens, which will largely occur via a public contribution period, is in keeping with Melonport‘s commitment to create a diverse and decentralized ecosystem in which there are as many participants as possible. By awarding tokens to testers who have put their time and energy into scrutinizing the Melon software, this will also ensure adoption and help to further improve the codebase. The contribution period will be split into rounds referred to as Melon Olympiad capsules, with a portion of tokens allocated for each stage. Upon completion of the Melon Olympiad, all 500,600 tokens will have been issued. In keeping with the mythology and provenance of the Olympic Games, each round will be named after a Greek island, commencing with Paros. Participants will be obliged to create a fund and send Ether to the relevant Olympiad smart contract, which will then be matched with an equivalent amount of MLN tokens plus an additional incentive amount. It is then up to the participant to manage the fund for a period of one month with a view to maximizing capital appreciation. The Melon Protocol intends to provide a decentralized, public, permissionless, robust infrastructure for the secure management of digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to be a viable, low-cost alternative to the current fund management ecosystem which has evolved similarly across most legal jurisdictions. The protocol itself is a collection of smart contracts written in the Solidity programming language. Supporting functionality that allows browsers to interact freely with the protocol is provided by the javascript library Melon.js. For more information visit https://docs.melonport.com and our github https://github.com/melonproject/. Participants interested in taking part in the Melon Olympiad Paros can register by following the instructions provided at http://olympiad.melon.fund   The exact conditions regarding the sub-contribution capsule may be subject to change by Melonport. The official and only web portal for participating in the Melonport sub-contribution period is: http://olympiad.melon.fund/