• Diversify Your Portfolio

    Build a diverse portfolio by adding gold, silver or platinum directly in Bitcoin Suisse Online

  • Safe and Secure

    Precious metals traded at Bitcoin Suisse are backed by the Bitcoin Suisse bank guarantee and stored by our Swiss banking partner

  • Tradeable Against Crypto

    Buy and sell precious metals for major fiat currencies (USD, EURO, CHF, GBP, DKK) or for BTC or ETH

  • Instant Cash Settlement

    Trade precious metals without the usual delay for settlement against fiat or cryptocurrencies



In addition to over 125 tradable cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Suisse also offers trading of gold, silver and platinum against fiat, BTC and ETH.

With a minimum purchase of CHF 100 (equivalent), clients of Bitcoin Suisse can buy and sell precious metals 24/7 directly in the Bitcoin Suisse Online portal with immediate settlement in fiat or cryptocurrencies. Holdings of up to CHF 100’000 (equivalent) are custodied free of charge.

The assets are stored by Bitcoin Suisse’s banking partner. Claims for the assets may only be made in fiat or cryptocurrencies. Physical redemption of precious metals is not possible.