Chief Solution Architect

Thomas Fritzen is an Enterprise Solution Architect with more than +25 years of experience with establishing software solutions providing the clients with the needed and efficient tools for handling and improving their workflow. He has a unique way of building an understanding of the organizational issues requiring systems support and designing as well as developing the right tools, which the organization actually needs.

Thomas has a natural ability to undertake the role as technical lead and guides the team of developers through the development process, while ensuring the required level of testing and documentation. He has an innate sense of quality and finesse, and brings this into development tasks.

As Solution Architect Thomas has the deep required knowledge of both old and new technologies – holding multiple certifications – being able to exploit the best of all worlds, when building secure systems. He has experience from working with business critical systems for both tele communication, insurance, government institutions (eGov) as well as the production industry.

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