Relationship Manager

Mr. Ricardo Mastrangelo joined Bitcoin Suisse AG in September 2019.

As a Relationship Manager, he is responsible for institutional and high net worth customers. Before joining Bitcoin Suisse AG, Ricardo Mastrangelo held multiple positions, as Relationship Manager for private and institutional clients at HSBC Private Bank and J. Safra Sarasin. He has over thirteen years experience in providing help and guidance to navigate the financial services in traditional business.

He has a solid knowledge of crypto currencies and blockchain related technologies, having spent two years providing crypto related services for institutional and private clients in Geneva. Throughout his career, he accumulated international on field knowledge in multiple countries such as Japan, Brazil and Panama, where he provided extensive and successful business development strategy.

Mr. Mastrangelo speaks fluently six languages including Japanese, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and has studied finance and business administration in Japan, Switzerland and Panama.