Dr. Marcus Dapp

Head of Research

Marcus Dapp joined Bitcoin Suisse AG as Head of Research in September 2021. He spent most of his professional life in academic research (ETH Zürich, Uni Berne, TU Munich, fortiss Munich) and teaching (Golden Owl award 2012, ETH D-GESS) with side trips to the public (IT strategy City Government Munich) and the NGO sector (co-founding board member, Open Knowledge Germany).

Marcus studied computer science and technology management at ETH Zürich and received his PhD in 2009. His interest in the effects of digitization on economics and society led him to explore a wide gamut of topics over the years; spanning from open digital innovation, intellectual property rights, open source and data to finally peer-to-peer crypto currencies.

Since reading the Bitcoin paper in 2015, his focus shifted to novel peer-to-peer monetary systems, cryptoeconomics, and decentralization (book chapter). Marcus is fascinated by groups of strangers creating trustworthy software that cannot be controlled by any one party. He loves to help more people discover the profoundness of this breakthrough.

You can access Bitcoin Suisse Research publications here and follow us on twitter.

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