Loïc Etienne

Solution Architect

Loïc Etienne is a Senior Cryptography Engineer with +20 years of experience in software engineering, in particular in the areas of secure programming, algorithms, and protocols. He has a mathematical background, mainly in commutative algebra, mathematical logic and theoretical computing science. He also worked on probability theory and on formal verification.

He loves learning and always gets to the bottom of things. He is particularly interested in low-level programming, is an expert in the C programming language, and has some experience with the underlying assembly language. The mathematical foundations of asymmetric cryptography belong to his field of expertise, too, especially applied to public key infrastructure and blockchain. This enables him to develop first-class implementations of related protocols and algorithms, with focus on correctness, security and performance. On the other side, he is also skilled in performing code reviews, thus ensuring the flawlessness of mission critical software components.

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