Felix Knox Nielsen

Lead Frontend Architect

Felix is a highly skilled Senior Developer and Creative Technical Director with +10 years of experience with both development and the creative processes leading up to the final products. Felix has a unique way of balancing both the structured processes towards the backend developers as well as the very creative processes engaging with the designers. He has an innate ability to both oversee and coordinate the processes as well as being a key part of the process. He is a creative thinker and senior multilingual interactive developer with a strong focus on visual implementation. He knows what works great, looks good and feels right on all the required platforms. Felix very appreciative nature and very strong communication skills enables him to involve all levels of stakeholders in the projects with the right level of participation, thus ensuring a product which is immediately accepted. He also explores Machine- and Deep-Learning, Amplified/Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and how these technologies can be applied both to optimise and accelerate businesses and projects; supplementing the intangible with a keen interest in optimal human performance and health.

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