Felix Laufenberg

Felix Laufenberg

Crypto Solution Architect
Felix Laufenberg

Felix Laufenberg is a highly skilled software developer med expertise within the Crypto and Blockchain domain, where he has a deep understanding, deploys an analytic approach and develops secure and stable blockchain interactions.

He has a keen interest in new technologies and risk and threat mitigation and is quick to understand solutions as well as see improvements to both security and performance. He is an engaged team member, who contributes to all parts of projects – from clarifications & understanding, over development to test and documentation, and he involves himself in the tasks needed to solve any current issues blocking progress.

Felix has been a teaching assistant in several classes e.g. Object-oriented programming, Networks and Operating systems. He is recognized for published research with Distributed Computing (Incentivizing Payment Channel Watchtowers) as well as Collaboration Without Communication (Evacuating Two Robots from a Disk)

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