Christian Holm

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Holm is an enterprise solution architect with 18+ years of experience, with focus on providing efficient enterprise software solutions, supporting business, and technology needs. He provides technical leadership to development teams using agile methodologies including SCRUM, extreme programming, test driven development, and more. As CTO Christian provides the required knowledge and experience to support the decision process in the continuous development of Bitcoins Suisse AG, and as Manager of the technology department he both sets the overall direction and ensures the right level of engaging involvement for the qualified personnel. As a quality-minded team player, Christian is innovative and eager to share his knowledge and experience, especially with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technology, smart contracts, and mining/mining pools. Christian has extensive knowledge and experience in enterprise architecture design and development using service oriented architecture principles, as well as domain experience building and integrating business critical systems for finance, government institutions (eGov), pharma, insurance and health care.

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