Rungsted Seier Capital
Zug December 14th 2017

It is with great pleasure we announce that from December 27th 2017, Bitcoin Suisse will become the new main sponsor of the hockey team Rungsted Seier Capital (DK), taking over the sponsorship from Saxo Privatbank.

The sponsorship is a 3-year contract, starting with a gala-event and match on December 27th 2017, and from this date forward the Rungsted Arena will be named the Bitcoin Arena.

This is the first time ever a crypto-financial company will sponsor a national premier league professional sports team. Rungsted is a strong up-and-coming team in the Danish premier ice hockey league, which under its current owners has become a force to be reckoned with in Danish hockey in just a few short years.

The determination, effort and hard work, which took the Rungsted Seier Capital hockey team from being an outsider to one of the strongest teams in the league is something we can very much identify with from the side of Bitcoin Suisse. We are very happy we are invited to be a part of this success story, and to help it further along in years to come.

At the galla event on December 27th 2017, the sponsorship will be presented by team owners Finn Rosenthal and Lars Seier Christensen, as well as Niklas Nikolajsen, the Chairman & co-CEO of Bitcoin Suisse. At this event the new centre logo of the arena, a massive 9-meter diameter ice-covered gold & silver Bitcoin, will be unveiled. The audience will have the option of participating in five different competitions during the gala, each with a 0.1 Bitcoin (DKK 10’000) reward. Staff from Bitcoin Suisse will be at hand to help set up wallets for the lucky winners.

The main bar of the arena will from this date be set up with payment terminals for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin Cash, the hockey pucks for the season will be decorated as Bitcoins, and for the trophy hunters; one of them will contain an actual Bitcoin!

Top Rungsted player Nikolaj Rosenthal will pioneer the switch from traditional salary payments in Danish Kroner to become the first professional sports athlete to be paid fully and exclusively in Bitcoin, paving the way for others in- and outside of the world of professional sports to do the same.

We welcome everyone to the Bitcoin Arena in Rungsted, December 27th 2017 to celebrate the sponsorship, an amazing year for Bitcoin and crypto-assets, and of course the stars of the show, the Rungsted Seier Capital hockey team!