Zug June 27th 2018

ZUG, Switzerland, June 27, 2018 Bitcoin Suisse announces the launch of Swiss Crypto Vault, a joint venture with Swiss Gold Safe. Swiss Crypto Vault, which went live today, offers the best-in-market solution for hyper secure storage of crypto assets to institutions, corporations and high-net worth individuals (HNWI). The solution features physical protection through deep underground storage, state-of-the-art encryption, multi-signing authorization processes and many more security features.

Blockchain technology and the crypto assets market are evolving at a rapid pace. Technology change, new business models and increased asset prices create the need for advanced levels of secure storage for crypto assets.

To date, most crypto asset holders store their private keys for signing transactions individually or at less-than-ideal set-ups. This exposes them to the risk of loss, theft, destruction or simple negligence in the handling of storage and transactions.

Swiss Crypto Vault addresses these problems with its proprietary, next generation crypto storage solution, developed and built over the past 18 months. With the expertise of the market leaders Bitcoin Suisse and Swiss Gold Safe, it allows institutional and HNWI investors to store crypto assets in a hyper secure and yet user friendly way, based on banking grade hardware, located in Swiss military-grade bunkers.

The best-in-class solution features the highest physical protection standards, state-of-the-art encryption as well as individualized and customized multi-signing authorization, time delays and other security measures. Users can initiate transactions starting the withdrawal and approval process anytime and anywhere, via the Swiss Crypto Vault web portal.

Niklas Nikolajsen, Chairman of Bitcoin Suisse and Chairman of Swiss Crypto Vault said: “Swiss Crypto Vault addresses the need and demand among existing and future crypto asset holders for audited and banking grade hyper secure storage of digital assets, with a unique and customizable solution for even the most demanding investors. The current offering is for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold and all ERC20/223 tokens but will continue to add more crypto assets on an ongoing basis.”

The hyper secure storage solution will be reviewed regularly by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Switzerland. PwC will also regularly (or on request) compare the amounts of stored crypto assets to the balance on the respective public address. The key generation process was overseen by independent third parties and a review of the key generation code was done by Zühlke.

About Bitcoin Suisse

Founded in 2013 Bitcoin Suisse is a pioneer and leader in crypto-financial services. Bitcoin Suisse provides its global institutional and private client base with the following services: brokerage services (trading desk, onlinetrading platform), various ICO services (advisory, facilitation, liquidation) and other related offerings such as storage, blockchain analysis and a payment gateway system.

Bitcoin Suisse is a licensed financial intermediary incorporated in Switzerland, operating under Swiss law and according to AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) regulations.

About Swiss Crypto Vault

Swiss Crypto Vault AG based in Zug, Switzerland, was established in 2017 as an independent organisation. It was founded in strategic partnership between Swiss Gold Safe AG and Bitcoin Suisse AG to combine their expertise in storage and crypto asset handling.