Zug; January 26, 2021 – Given the recent surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies and digital assets over the past weeks, Bitcoin Suisse has noticed a significant uptake of fraudulent behavior in our social media communities.

Recently, we have been made aware of a specific impersonation case where an individual pretending to be Niklas Nikolajsen, our Founder and Chairman, scammed a member of our community by asking for money. The scammers used a fake copy of our official webpage with the address: www.bitcoinsuisse.live. This page is not affiliated in any way with Bitcoin Suisse.

We have also been made aware of the scam page https://visionwallet.com/en/company claiming that the Swiss Crypto Vault AG is their custody and insurance provider. Currently, Bitcoin Suisse is the only client of Swiss Crypto Vault AG. Any claimed partnerships with Swiss Crypto Vault AG are fraudulent and not in any way associated with Bitcoin Suisse or Swiss Crypto Vault AG.

Such scammers and impostors usually interact with our content by posting spam and/or by impersonating – often senior – employees of Bitcoin Suisse or the company Bitcoin Suisse itself. Specifically, this entails:

  • Fake profiles that comment in mass on Bitcoin Suisse posts promising better investment opportunities (Spam)
  • Impersonations of our company and of Niklas Nikolajsen, founder and Chairman of Bitcoin Suisse, himself, by:
      • Asking our community for money or cryptocurrency by commenting on our content
      • Contacting our followers and community members through direct messaging asking for cryptocurrency and money
  • Fake websites that mimic the appearance of our official website

Please always keep in mind that Bitcoin Suisse, or employees of Bitcoin Suisse, will never:

      • Ask you to wire money or cryptocurrency
      • Appear as trading experts promising “investment deals” or any other sort of “get rich quick” schemes
      • Ask you for anything related to the transaction of money or cryptocurrencies or adopt similar suspicious behavior


How Bitcoin Suisse Protects You

Bitcoin Suisse is taking all necessary steps to stand up for trust in the crypto ecosystem and protect our clients, online communities and followers against fraudulent behavior. In recent months, we have taken the following measures:

      • Increased efforts to continuously monitor, document and report any fraudulent behavior, impersonations and fake websites by our social media and legal teams
      • Increased efforts to officially verify our social media accounts and the accounts of Niklas Nikolajsen across all platforms
      • Increased content warning of fraudulent behaviour and fostering awareness of common tactics used by scammers on social media channels
      • Creating a webpage stating our only official social media accounts
      • Consulting external experts for prompt profile verification and general fraud protection

For the company page on Facebook, Bitcoin Suisse achieved official verification last week, as indicated by the blue badge. For other social platforms, unfortunately, official verification has proved difficult over the last few months and we continue with our verification efforts. After the recent case, Bitcoin Suisse has taken the following additional measures:

      • Increased focus on identifying, documenting and reporting fraudulent behavior, fake profiles, as well as fake websites
      • Legal actions against scammers and other parties with fraudulent behavior towards clients and/or our community
      • Awareness campaign on fraud protection on our social media channels

How You Can Protect Yourself

  1. Do not solely rely on glowing testimonials and watch out for strange payment requests using the name of legitimate companies. Scammers might use real names, tamper with information or provide recent pictures in order to seem authentic.
  2. Beware of unsolicited calls or texts where you are asked for personal data or any financial information.
  3. Before engaging with social media or messenger accounts, verify that they are indeed the official company or employee accounts and not impostor profiles. If in doubt, remember to always check the SSL certificate and our official social media profiles.
  4. When you become aware of a fake profile, you can support us by providing us the respective URLs (not a screenshot). Only then we can identify the exact page conducting the scams.


Please support us in protecting Bitcoin Suisse, our community, and the crypto ecosystem by reporting fraudulent behavior when you see it.

Thank you for your trust and support – and stay safe!

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