Enhanced Product for Tezos Bakers and Stakers at Bitcoin Suisse

Mar 4, 2020

Bitcoin Suisse is pleased to announce an enhancement of its Tezos staking service offering, effective March 4th 2020.

One of the largest and most well-known proof-of-stake blockchains, Tezos uses a delegated proof-of-stake system, known as “baking” to propagate and secure the Tezos blockchain.

For those who do not have the technical knowledge or resources to be a full-fledged validator (baker) – Bitcoin Suisse has offered a baking service to its clients since 2018.

Now, the service is getting an upgrade to make it even more accessible and beneficial for Bitcoin Suisse clients. Whereas previously, the clients and Bitcoin Suisse shared the earnings from the rewards in an 80/20 split, the Bitcoin Suisse baking service will now give 85% of rewards to clients with the remaining 15% taken as a service fee– in line with the other Bitcoin Suisse staking products for Dash, Cosmos and eventually Ethereum 2.

In addition, Bitcoin Suisse will be lowering the minimum amount of XTZ required to participate in the staking service. The new minimum requirement will be just 10 000 CHF worth of XTZ, down from 50 000 CHF.

If you are interested in staking Tezos with us, please reach out to your account manager. If you are not already a client, please sign up here first.

Bitcoin Suisse