Ethereum 2

Zug; May 19, 2021 – Ether, the native currency of the Ethereum protocol, experienced very high volatility with reaching an all-time-high on May 12, 2021. This resulted in skyrocketing demand for the Bitcoin Suisse ETH2 staking product. As the protocol further develops, Bitcoin Suisse announces an update to its ETH2 staking product.

Up until now, Bitcoin Suisse’s all-in-one staking solution offered its clients to earn rewards without having to consider any arbitrary validator amount. With the recent record market demand, Bitcoin Suisse has decided to adapt its ETH staking product. ETH2 staking will temporarily only be possible in order sizes of 32 ETH2, according to the required validator amount of the protocol. Our teams are planning to remove this measure on our ETH staking product again in the future.

Fabian Hediger, Co-Founder and Head Innovation of Bitcoin Suisse, says: “To be a trusted partner and be ready to support our clients during all major Ethereum upgrades remains a high priority for Bitcoin Suisse. As one of the earliest in the crypto space, Bitcoin Suisse has maintained a close relationship with the Ethereum community since the beginning. While we are streamlining our processes further, we need to stay ahead of the current waves in demand for digital assets and in particular for staking products.”

The go-live of the ETH2 genesis block in December 2020 was a major milestone in the world of decentralized finance. As one of the few large crypto-financial providers fully ready with ETH2 staking from the very start with a seamless and secure process, clients of Bitcoin Suisse alone committed over 17% of all ETH needed for the launch of Ethereum 2.


Figures as of 19 May 2021 (Source:
ETH Price $2’947.79
Amount of validators of 32 ETH each: 141,723
Value locked in ETH-2 total: 4.53 mio ETH | 13.4bn USD | 3.91% of the total supply

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