25 October 2019; Zug/Zurich, Switzerland – On Friday, 18 October, Bitcoin Suisse launched the latest in its series of extended marketing initiatives, a fully-customized and -branded (internally and externally) “Bitcoin Tram” running through the heart of Zurich’s financial district.

After the initiation of its “Welcome to Crypto Nation Switzerland” messaging at both the Zurich and Geneva airport arrival area, the Bitcoin Suisse tram brings a fresh element to the conversation about crypto assets in Switzerland. Besides providing a strong brand statement for the company, the tram’s interior offers riders a wide range of educational materials about blockchain technology and crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple on approximately 30 panels throughout the tram, as well as information about Bitcoin Suisse services.

The choice of Line #6 (ETH Univ – Zurich HB – Bahnhofstrasse – Paradeplatz) was not by chance. Bringing awareness of crypto assets and blockchain to the academic and financial district of Zurich in a very real way may serve to inspire both current and future generations in the banking and technology world with a better understanding of decentralization and its potential.

The Bitcoin Suisse Tram will run for the next 12 months with more exciting marketing initiatives and more educational information planned over the course of the year.

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