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Zug; January 8, 2021 – Bitcoin Suisse recorded very high levels of client activity in the latter part of 2020 and into the new year in trading, brokerage, staking, lending and deposits.

With this additional demand, Bitcoin Suisse has increased its depositor bank guarantee from an AA-rated Swiss bank to CHF 80m (USD 90m) – a stepwise increase from a Q3 2020 level of CHF 45m. The bank guarantee protects and covers public on-balance sheet deposits 100% – and is unique to Bitcoin Suisse.

The CEO, Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, states: Bitcoin Suisse maintains a default bank guarantee, covering all public on-balance sheet deposits of its clients. The continuing increase in the size of this bank guarantee shows a very strong increase in the demand for our services and thus an ever-growing balance sheet.”

As demand and volumes at Bitcoin Suisse increased dramatically in Q4 2020 and has continued on this trajectory into the new year, the bank guarantee is expected to grow further to CHF 100m in the weeks to come.

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