26 May 2020 – After seven years of trading a wide range of crypto assets, Bitcoin Suisse is pleased to announce the addition of precious metals to its trading offering.

As of today, the market leading crypto financial services company has added gold, silver and platinum to the crypto- and fiat currencies available for 24/7 trading with immediate cash settlement.

Now clients have access to an even greater choice of strong assets to build a diversified portfolio. In times of high market volatility and uncertainty, Bitcoin Suisse is providing another option with a traditionally esteemed asset class.

Just a few weeks ago, Bitcoin Suisse added 24/7 trading of fiat currencies. With precious metals, the company adds assets which have been part of long-term investment strategies.

Gold, often referred to as the original “safe haven” asset, has remained a hard-to-access asset for many investors down through history. Even with increased access in recent years, the possibility of combining precious metal investments with so-called “digital gold” (Bitcoin) remains difficult. Now Bitcoin Suisse is helping to change this.

The Bitcoin Suisse precious metals offering is accessible to all levels of client demand, with a low minimum purchase of 100 CHF and no custody fees for holdings up to 100 000 CHF.

Most importantly, the three precious metals can be traded not only against fiat currencies (CHF, USD, GBP, EUR and DKK), but also against the top two cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH. This gives our investors the possibility to move seamlessly between two asset classes, with no friction or delay. Precious metal trades are settled immediately for fiat or cryptocurrencies without the usual time lapse of one to two days, allowing Bitcoin Suisse clients to easily optimize their holdings in various market situations.

Bitcoin Suisse Head Trading & Liquidity Management Stefan Lütolf commented:

“Recent developments have boosted the demand for scarce, highly valuable assets such as gold and Bitcoin. Bitcoin may not be Gold 2.0 – yet. In the meantime, we want to give our clients the maximum choice possible. By offering seamless precious metals trading, we go beyond the crypto asset class for the first time. It’s an excellent way to move between the two assets with the click of a button.”

All precious metals on offer through Bitcoin Suisse are stored by a trusted banking partner. Purchases are backed 100% by the Bitcoin Suisse bank guarantee.

Precious metal trades are not physically settled and claims against the assets are only possible in fiat or cryptocurrencies.

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