Zug, 18 November 2020 – Bitcoin Suisse AG, the leading Switzerland-based crypto-financial services company, today announced that it is further expanding the crypto experience for external asset managers (EAMs) through its new partnership with Swiss fintech Evolute – enabling it to bring crypto assets and targeted content to Evolute’s digital wealth management platform.

Evolute specializes in the development of comprehensive digital wealth management solutions for EAMs in Switzerland and is today one of the largest and fastest-growing providers in this area. The Zurich-based firm has built an innovative platform that enables EAMs to manage and invest their clients’ assets securely and efficiently.

Bitcoin Suisse has recently witnessed a growing interest in crypto investing among clients of EAMs. In response to this trend, it has entered into a partnership to integrate crypto assets on Evolute’s new online marketplace for financial products and services and distribute targeted content focused on crypto products, services and other relevant topics on it. Through its collaboration with Evolute, Bitcoin Suisse is bringing crypto asset services to EAMs and supporting them in their wealth management activities by enabling them to buy and custody crypto assets directly through a leading, regulated broker.

Bitcoin Suisse is pleased to offer EAMs this new opportunity to serve the needs of their clients in the crypto space and it looks forward to working with Evolute in the future.

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