Zug, 23 July 2019

Bitcoin Suisse AG is proud to announce its first official research publication, Bitcoin Suisse Decrypt. The analyst report, jointly produced by Bitcoin Suisse and Incrementum AG, a publisher of market research based in Liechtenstein, will be published weekly. Bitcoin Suisse continuously strives to further improve its high-quality services. As an additional layer to its industry-leading service offering, Bitcoin Suisse Decrypt will provide insights and analyst commentary for clients of Bitcoin Suisse and crypto investors on the most important developments in the crypto market. The genesis edition published today, as well as upcoming editions of Bitcoin Suisse Decrypt, will be available on the Bitcoin Suisse website and by email subscription. Enjoy reading the genesis edition, and we look forward to more compelling insights to come. Picture, left to right: Mark J. Valek from Incrementum, Lothar Cerjak, Head Institutional Services & Products at Bitcoin Suisse, Demelza Kelso Hays from Incrementum, Dr Raffael Huber from Bitcoin Suisse Research