Bitcoin? Health!

Aug 27, 2020

31 August 2020Atupri Health Insurance is the first Swiss insurance provider to accept cryptocurrencies. Those with Bitcoin or Ethereum will now have the option of making payments with both of these digital currencies. The health insurance provider is thus taking a leading role throughout Switzerland and is strengthening its position as an innovative provider of digital solutions in the healthcare sector supported by Bitcoin Suisse, the Swiss cryptocurrency pioneer.

“We are consistently investing in new technologies and making use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. This way, we are accelerating processes for the benefit of our customers,” says Caroline Meli, Head of Marketing and Sales at Atupri. With its latest offer, the health insurance provider is reinforcing its aspiration to break new ground as a leading provider of innovative digital solutions in the healthcare sector. Atupri Health Insurance is now accepting both of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum as regular payment methods for its customers.

Caroline Meli underlines: “Our offer boasts a high degree of customisation. Our customers can always choose the payment method they prefer. As a digital pioneer in the healthcare sector, we anticipate social trends and provide insurance solutions with long-term perspectives. Blockchain technology and therefore also the use of cryptocurrencies are becoming noticeably more and more important. In line with this, we want to provide our policyholders with the necessary structures.”

Atupri Health Insurance is offering the new option of making payments with Bitcoin and Ethereum in partnership with the Swiss specialist Bitcoin Suisse, which has already supported official bodies in introducing cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Bitcoin Suisse’s technology has already been tried and tested on the market for a number of years as part of a comprehensive and integrated offer of crypto-financial services and is one of the most sophisticated payment solutions for cryptocurrencies worldwide. “We are excited about our partnership with Atupri and are able to guarantee secure and uncomplicated payment options with cryptocurrencies,” says Armin Schmid, Head Crypto Payments at Bitcoin Suisse. As a regulated Swiss financial intermediary, Bitcoin Suisse complies with the legal requirements for payment transactions.

Caroline Meli explains: “As a health insurance provider, we do not have any Bitcoins ourselves. When the payment is triggered, our policyholders receive the current exchange rate, which is always guaranteed by Bitcoin Suisse in Swiss francs and transferred to us accordingly. We are therefore never subject to currency risk.”

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