We are proud to announce several significant updates to Bitcoin Suisse Online. Over the last weeks and months, our teams have worked hard to implement several new features to improve client experience and make it easier to “do more” in our integrated Bitcoin Suisse Online platform.


1. German-language support in Bitcoin Suisse Online

While we have a large, international client base, we are also very much at home in Zug, Switzerland – where the predominant language is German. With this in mind, we have implemented German language support in Bitcoin Suisse Online and our Bitcoin Suisse Mobile App. Now clients can do everything they have always done – buy, sell, transfer and track the assets in their portfolio – jetzt komplett auf Deutsch.


2. Advanced collateralized loan overview

Our Bitcoin Suisse Online tool already provides clients an integrated view of all their crypto and fiat holdings at Bitcoin Suisse. It also gives them a clear picture of the assets which they have in staking. Now we have added a new module for those who have taken a collateralized loan with us.

Main features:

  • Clear overview of amount borrowed and terms of loan
  • Overview of soft- and hard-margin call limits
  • Selection of assets used as collateral


3. Other smaller updates

Clients will now experience improved user guidance with a new color scheme in the Online interface as well as performance enhancements.


Stay on the look out for more new features and improvements coming up!

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