Bilanz Top Bankers
Zug October 2nd 2018

We are honored and pleased to share that our CEO, Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, has been added to the 2018 Bilanz list of Top-100 Swiss Bankers, at position #79. Dr. Vayloyan joined Bitcoin Suisse in the fall of 2017, taking over the position of CEO from the founder, Niklas Nikolajsen, and has since then been instrumental in shaping Bitcoin Suisse into a world leading, banking grade crypto-financial service provider.

Dr. Vayloyan joins our Chairman and co-CEO Niklas Nikolajsen on the Bilanz Top-100 list, where the latter after three successive years on the list has climbed yet another position, to #40.

Surrounded and supported by a managerial dream team in regard to both banking and crypto-finance, Dr. Vayloyan and Mr. Nikolajsen stand poised to lead the company onward in the year to come, continuing the success story which is Bitcoin Suisse.