Why is Ethereum 2 important?

Ethereum 2 (or Ethereum 2.0 – with ETH as its native currency) is the next generation of Ethereum and a major upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain. This entails a change from using proof-of-work to proof-of-stake for the validation. Ethereum 2 will help reduce energy consumption, allow the network to process more transactions, and increase network resistance to attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ethereum 2

Why stake ETH2 with Bitcoin Suisse?
  • Automatic conversion

    Bitcoin Suisse will convert the ETH you deposit to stake on Ethereum 2 – for no fee

  • Technical setup and maintenance

    We take care of all technical aspects during Ethereum’s changes – monitoring staked funds and maintaining infrastructure

  • Regulated and secure

    Bitcoin Suisse is a regulated Swiss company with a bank guarantee from a state-backed Swiss cantonal bank

  • Track Record

    Bitcoin Suisse was founded in 2013 and was there when Ethereum was envisioned.

How to stake on Ethereum 2 with Bitcoin Suisse

For clients of Bitcoin Suisse, it is easy to start staking on Ethereum 2 from the very first day of the new network. Read the guide here – and then go to your Bitcoin Suisse Online account to get started, quickly and easily.

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